Our Reviews

“My employee returned back the $20,000 he took right after taking the lie detector test even before the results was sent to me…”

 - Capt Rashid


“… I manage to proof my innocence to my boss with the polygraph result.  I am not working for the same company but at least everyone knows that I am not the suspect…. That was personally important to me”

 - Jenny Ong


“ … The biggest compliment I have is that the test was conducted in secrecy and confidentiality. The matter was resolved discreetly."                               

 - Mr James Tan


“I can’t recommend taking this polygraph test high enough, I was falsely accused and now I have proof I was telling the truth. I just wish I had taken this much earlier

 - Katherine

 "I am planning on taking my relationship to the final level, marriage, and I wanted to make sure things were true and honest from my Fiancee. The service was fast, fair, honest and very professional. I am glad to say she passed the test and the marriage is a go. Trust, but verify! Thank you!"

- Chris